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Good news and bad...

Well the good new is that I went in for a week 24 ultrasound, and despite Babycakes trying to hide the bottom with hands this time (last time, it was being very modest by tucking its feet there to hide the gender), the tech got a good shot of girly bits.

So it looks like Genevieve Titianna will be born in December. Everything is going fine with my pregnancy, and she has been making her presence known with thumps that have become more noticible over the past month.

THe bad news is that my computer of 7 years finally bit the big one. THe truth is that I've had trouble with it since I got a really nasty virus about two years ago, and after having to reformat my harddrive and rebuild it twice, it still had glitches that wasn't working right. So, me being frustrated enough, I went to Columbus to MicroCenter to see about a good, refurbished desktop if they couldn't repair my computer. (Caught a virus called svchost.exe and when I went to do a boot up scan, the Dell screen flashed before it went black with a blinking cursor.) So, when I took it to their tech center, the guy popped open the case as I was telling him what was going on, and he pointed out one problem automatically.

My mother board was starting to go.

At that point, I asked him if it would be cheaper to fix the computer or replace it with a good, refurbished computer. He told me that they had some good ones for around $300 that would meet my basic requirements: be able to play WoW, burn cds, and play DVDs.

So, I spent the night at my parent's house after picking up a new refurbished computer for around $300, and my dad helped me transfer my files from my old harddrives (which the tech gave me after I told them to recycle my old desktop).

So, as I said, not fully bad news, but frustrating news I guess.


If I were you, I'd just check out getting a new one. If the monitor and other peripherals are working, then go for just a tower. You can get a really decent one for around $550 at walmart or best buy....or, if you've got a membership, a really shiny one for under $500 at sams club. It's probably worth it to have one with current hardware, so it'll be good for anothe 7 years or so.

P.S. By the way, did you know your background on here is tiled versions of photobucket's "Neener neener, this ain't here anymore!" screen thing? Apparently the image was moved or deleted, or photofuckit did it's usual retarded thing and T.O.S.ed it.
Yay for the baby! My family has a over abundence in the girl department among my cousins and such. lol My nana has 9 grand-daughters. Lotsa pink going on around here. The computer thing sucks. I'm sharing a comp right now and saving up to buy one. So glad everything is going so good! (babywise anyway lol)