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Catarina Sforza

My busy *busy* life...

Okay this summer's been crazy and Fall's not looking like it's gonna slow down any.

First up, we had a fight with FEMA and our morgage company over flood insurace, basically if we needed it or not. Seems FEMA redid the floodmaps in our are and we somehow got shifted. So that was a fight and a half, running all over God's Green Earth to get that settled.

Then, one of our fuse boxes started to sizzle (something my dad caught when he was over helping with a "Honey Do" list I had). Then one of the walls in our office stopped working, taking the overhead light with it. So we had the electricians out and they were nice enough to replace our fuse box, then fix the wall (which wasn't fixed with the fuse box replacement) plus two other electrical problems (one was the lamp that hangs over the staircase needed the bulbs replaced. I didn't know if it was bulbs or electrical 'cause I couldn't reach it.)

Then, A gets a tire punctured. Not once, but twice! So the first time it was replaced but the second it's got something similar to a "fix a flat" in it.

And the fun since April has been interesting...

Back in April, A and I started trying for kids, (and boy have we been having fun trying!) Well, in May, I had (for me) an irregular period. I didn't think anything of it honestly, excpet I also got very hungry. I joked that I was hungry enough to eat an elephant and the giraff that followed. Home pregnancy test came up negative however.

Then, there was no period in June. "No problem," I thought. "Probably some stress over the breaker box. That's probably why I'm not bleeding." Tried a different brand of pregnancy test and still nothing.

July. Still no period. I'm starting to get concerned but maybe I'm one of those odd people that just doesn't register on the home test. No problem. If I am pregnant, I should be starting to show some symptoms.

August. Schedule an appointment to go in in the early days 'cause there's a fair and I wanna ride the rides but I can't if I'm pregnant. See someone other than the recomended lady, C, 'cause she was on vacation. They took blood test after nearly 19 hours of fasting (that's how long it took the lab to get to me), and then find out that the results will probably be in on Monday, but the other doc's gonna be out all week on vacation. No problem, I'll ride very few rides and wait for the results when the doc gets back. Only, I don't get a call for the results for three weeks, and then all the nurse says is "It's PCOS (Poly-cystic ovarium syndrom) and you need to go to this fertility clinic." I kept asking for a clarification, and that's all I got. So this doctor's office calls me and wanted to arrange an appointment for my work with my records and when I mentioned the doc wanted me to go to this fertility clinic instead, I got "Oh. That's us too." *HEADDESK* Yeah, the nurse never bothered to tell me the doctor's name of this clinic. So, I put it off for a couple of months to try and get some funds going as well as pay off the bills plus get a second oppinion.

September. Went back to talk to my regular doc, C, and she explained the results to me. Apparently, with that blood work, my estrogen was low, my testosterone was high and my insuline was all over the place. Which is how PCOS was diagnosed. So after talking to the insurance company and seeing what they'd cover (Everything but Artificial Insemination), I called the clinic back and made an appointment. Soonest they can get me in is Oct. 25. Which is a Tuesday and one of the days I work now. SO let my new boss know I might be late that day and settle in to wait. Bleed that month, but honestly, I've bled more from a papercut then my cycle for September.

October. Had a wonderful, normal period last week and went in to the clinic today. The doc there had the resident do an ultrasound of the plumbing to check things out. Managed to find the right ovary easily, but then it turned into a Hunt and Find for the left one. I felt like a butter churn with the way the resident was pushing that wand around, and after about thirty seconds, she asks how I'm doing with the pain. *shakes head* I felt a bit like a soprano when I mentioned I was fine. So, the doc (who doesn't say anything about any cysts) sends me back to his office around the corner and I hear him issuing orders to the nurses about what he wants ordered and done to me. I'm hearing terms I've never heard of before and then he mentions "blood and insuline" testing. *HEADDESK* Lovely. So another 12+ hours of fasting before some vampire taps the pipeline. Then he comes in and starts explaining what he wants to do as well as wants me to do the next time my cycle starts. I ask him two very important questions: 1. How much does this cost, and 2. Is this considered Artificial Insemination?

He can't answer the first question ("The front desk can tell you that.") and Yes.

I did mention that the insurance won't cover artificial insemination right? Good. You're still following with me.

So, he gives me the orders for the bloodwork and a request for A to get his swimmers checked out before giving me this checklist of things to do the next time I start bleeding. One of these things is apparently an x-ray/ultrasound where the plan is to fill the uterus with liquid before forcing it out the falopian tubes. The doc said that this feels like the Worst Cramp in the World for about five minutes. (This, I'm willing to disbelieve 'cause the doc's male and what would he know about abdominal cramps). Then the nurse who called in the medication I'm suppose to take Next Month WHen I Start My Cycle tells me that one of the medications will be either shipped to me or shipped to them, but the company itself will call me for my card #. I asked what the medicine was (I'm thinking some type of pill I'm gonna need to take) and she cheerfully replies "Oh, it's a needle injection. But don't worry. It goes in your stomach!"

I think I heard brakes squealing as my brain ground to a halt. "It's a what that goes where?"

"A needle into your stomach. If you're not comfortable doing it, your husband can!"

"Um, I'll have it sent here where you can do it. Thankskbye!"

For those that don't know me, I'm not good with injections. Yes, I've had my nipples pierced twice (the first time the rings started working through 'cause they were too far forward) and I have three holes in each ear (the top two sets done about six years ago), but I don't get shots if I can help it and now they want to stick a Needle in my Belly!

So, I scrambled out of there and asked the front desk how much it would cost.I won't bore you with the exact figures, but worst case scenario is about $1,000.

I thought kids were suppose to be expensive after/i> they were born.

So after talking with A, we decided we're going to give it the good old college try before bringing any docs in on it. And if it doesn't work, then we will probably accept that kids won't be part of our lives other than furry ones.


Goodnightshirt.   I feel so bad for you and so frightened for Andrew and I at the same time.  I have PCOS, too, and I've never had anything approaching a normal cycle really, and my hormones are BEYOND out of whack.  I do know that there are hormone therapies and holistic fertility treatments out there.  Obviously, I haven't done a huge amount if research - we're nowhere near that point yet, but I know it's a possibility. I know you would make great parents, and I hope you (and your doctors) can make this happen.  I know you can't afford the artificial insemination, and I couldn't either, but I hope there's something else that can be done.  
The insurance is willing to cover 85% of everything up to the actual insemination 'cause all that can be considered "diagnosis" at this time.

*However*, the Catch 22. If it doesn't take, or it has to be aborted because it's developing the the tube instead of the uterus, we have to pay for everything out of pocket for another round since everything's been diagnosed before.

*shakes head* Ya know, I always figured artificial insemination was where they started the kid in a dish and then implanted it.
Take it from me, it's really effing important to get it treated, if it is PCOS...especially if you're already showing insulin resistance, or insulin level abnormalities. It can lead to diabetes, as I all too well know. I went undiagnosed for too long, and by the time they decided that the other indicators outweighed my "normal" hormone levels, I was already diabetic.

As for fertility...don't give up. As long as your fallopian tubes are clear, (and that test with the xrays and fluid will show that clearly.) it's far from impossible. My mom had PCOS, before it was recognized as such. It took her 8 years before she had me....followed in a couple years by my sister, and a few later, my baby sister. They'd told her she'd never have kids...and as long as his swimmers are good, there's no need for artificial insemination.
wel the thing is, I haven't had abnormal periods until this summer, and my regular doc checked my blood in April for everything including cyliac desease (that pesky gluten allergy) and he didn't mention *anything* about abnormal insulin levels. *shrugs* I dunno.

But the fact your mom had kids gives me hope in having some myself.

oh honey that bites ( and I know how much as I have the same issue) I've found red clover tea does more to treat my issues then the pills docs perscribe and without all the side effects.

Also a low glycemic index diet may help as well. I've been on it for about a year and it help with my cycle and hormone levels too.

Hopefully things will work out for you without the needles ( yeah I dodged that one too * shudder* ) and you and A will have the kids you want.

I hope that everything works out for you and Andrew.

Is something wrong with your website? I went to reread some of your things and your page doesn't load.
My website is no longer there. I didn't like the fact that the server was going to charge me an arm and a leg to renew it. So, I'm working on getting new server space and I will post the new addy here as soon as I get it.