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Crusnik 02

The Case of the Deceased daimyo in new formatting!

The Case of the Deceased Daimyo

Someone on one of my lists suggested publishing the book on Smashwords.Com for those that don't have a Kindle (although Amazon.Com does have free Kindle software). So, after a long week, we at Phoenix & Feline Stories LLC are proud to announce our book is avaialble in different formats! From RTF and HTTL to software compatable for Nook and IPads.....


Off topic but. . .

Your website doesn't seem to be working for me.
Is it down or just me?

Re: Off topic but. . .

The host wanted to gouge me on the price of the webspace and then tried to offer me junk I'd never use to stay with them. So I don't currently have a webpage at this time. I'll let everyone know when it's back up and working.