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love angel kitura

A Charitable Cause!

As everyone is aware, there was a disaster in Japan (a place close to many a yaoi girl's heart). My friend, Phoenix, and I have decided to help them out the only way we could. By putting pen to paper. We wrote a book, a Victorian age romantic mystery with a supernatural twist, and are offering it for $3 with the proceeds to go to the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity we both feel has its head and heart in the right place.

So, without further aeu, we at Phoenix & Feline Stories, LLC is pleasued - and quite proud - to introduce to you the first of a series of books (Yes, series. There are more being written/edited as we speak): The Case of the Deceased Daimyo. So please donate your Starbucks coffee today and help us help the children in natural disaster areas.

EDIT: I have been informed that there isn't really much of a blurb for the book so here's a better one:

When a diplomat from Japan is murdered by an apparently supernatural creature, Father Leia St. Croix of the Vatican is dispatched to investigate. Also investigating this strange murder are two shinigami, Death Gods, who take an interest in the 'Father' during the course of the investigation. With two very attractive spirits interested in her, how can a half vampire/half succubae concentrate on the murder?