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Feb. 22nd, 2014

two letters and a number

My new business!

My co-author managed to talk me into starting a new business. It's an editing service for all the writers out there.


We also have the stories that we've self published posted on the site as well, but come on out and take a look around!

Jun. 24th, 2013

two letters and a number

BJD jewelry

I have a friend who is starting to make jewelry for Ball Joint Dolls, so this I just to get the word out. She has some lovely things.


Dec. 15th, 2012

jack smirking

Happy happy news!!!

On Friday, December 14 at 11:55 am, Baby Genevieve Tatianna entered this world in a natural birth at a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz and at 22 1/4 inches long. She already has both sets of grandparents wrapped around her fingers, and Dad's esctatic about his new little girl. I'm doing fine if a bit stiff and a lot sore. They induced me at 5am, and at 11 is when everything swung into high gear. Everyone at the hospital has been really nice and helpful getting us use to each other, and the drugs are very helpful for the minor cramping and the very sore lower back.

Aug. 21st, 2012

take what ye can

Good news and bad...

Well the good new is that I went in for a week 24 ultrasound, and despite Babycakes trying to hide the bottom with hands this time (last time, it was being very modest by tucking its feet there to hide the gender), the tech got a good shot of girly bits.

So it looks like Genevieve Titianna will be born in December. Everything is going fine with my pregnancy, and she has been making her presence known with thumps that have become more noticible over the past month.

THe bad news is that my computer of 7 years finally bit the big one. THe truth is that I've had trouble with it since I got a really nasty virus about two years ago, and after having to reformat my harddrive and rebuild it twice, it still had glitches that wasn't working right. So, me being frustrated enough, I went to Columbus to MicroCenter to see about a good, refurbished desktop if they couldn't repair my computer. (Caught a virus called svchost.exe and when I went to do a boot up scan, the Dell screen flashed before it went black with a blinking cursor.) So, when I took it to their tech center, the guy popped open the case as I was telling him what was going on, and he pointed out one problem automatically.

My mother board was starting to go.

At that point, I asked him if it would be cheaper to fix the computer or replace it with a good, refurbished computer. He told me that they had some good ones for around $300 that would meet my basic requirements: be able to play WoW, burn cds, and play DVDs.

So, I spent the night at my parent's house after picking up a new refurbished computer for around $300, and my dad helped me transfer my files from my old harddrives (which the tech gave me after I told them to recycle my old desktop).

So, as I said, not fully bad news, but frustrating news I guess.

Jul. 2nd, 2012

two letters and a number

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive. *grins* Me and the Babycakes are fine, both healthy if a bit touchy in the gag-reflex department (I can't wear t-shirts or anything close to the front of my neck any more without gagging). I have a couple of ideas for some original stories. One's a futuristic sci-fi/fantasy-esque story I'm calling "Freedom's Run" right now that started as a strange dream that just sounded cool and started taking over my life.

The other one... *laughs* ironically started out as last night's dream. I'm not sure of the setting beyond a strange high school/college setting which is very weird for me. I've never read "high school" novels before (figured I lived through it once as the complete outcast of the school, why should I want to relive those days through more "popular" eyes?) so it's gonna be very interesting to see if anything comes of it.....

I'll leave you with a great violinist that a friend introduced me to via her Zelda remix....

Apr. 16th, 2012

two letters and a number

A Very Important Update!!

Yes, I know I haven't posted here in a small forever but now I have a very good reason for crowing to the hills.

After trying for almost a year, I'm proud to announce....

I'm pregnant!!!!

*grins* The home pregnancy test popped positive and I'm going to make an appointment today for the official OB/GYN confirmation.

Dec. 25th, 2011

jack smirking

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

And here's a Christmas treat for those that didn't know this was out.....

Oct. 26th, 2011

Catarina Sforza

My busy *busy* life...

Okay this summer's been crazy and Fall's not looking like it's gonna slow down any.

First up, we had a fight with FEMA and our morgage company over flood insurace, basically if we needed it or not. Seems FEMA redid the floodmaps in our are and we somehow got shifted. So that was a fight and a half, running all over God's Green Earth to get that settled.

Then, one of our fuse boxes started to sizzle (something my dad caught when he was over helping with a "Honey Do" list I had). Then one of the walls in our office stopped working, taking the overhead light with it. So we had the electricians out and they were nice enough to replace our fuse box, then fix the wall (which wasn't fixed with the fuse box replacement) plus two other electrical problems (one was the lamp that hangs over the staircase needed the bulbs replaced. I didn't know if it was bulbs or electrical 'cause I couldn't reach it.)

Then, A gets a tire punctured. Not once, but twice! So the first time it was replaced but the second it's got something similar to a "fix a flat" in it.

And the fun since April has been interesting...

Cut for blatant female body issuesCollapse )

So after talking with A, we decided we're going to give it the good old college try before bringing any docs in on it. And if it doesn't work, then we will probably accept that kids won't be part of our lives other than furry ones.

Apr. 18th, 2011

Crusnik 02

The Case of the Deceased daimyo in new formatting!

The Case of the Deceased Daimyo

Someone on one of my lists suggested publishing the book on Smashwords.Com for those that don't have a Kindle (although Amazon.Com does have free Kindle software). So, after a long week, we at Phoenix & Feline Stories LLC are proud to announce our book is avaialble in different formats! From RTF and HTTL to software compatable for Nook and IPads.....

Apr. 14th, 2011

love angel kitura

A Charitable Cause!

As everyone is aware, there was a disaster in Japan (a place close to many a yaoi girl's heart). My friend, Phoenix, and I have decided to help them out the only way we could. By putting pen to paper. We wrote a book, a Victorian age romantic mystery with a supernatural twist, and are offering it for $3 with the proceeds to go to the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity we both feel has its head and heart in the right place.

So, without further aeu, we at Phoenix & Feline Stories, LLC is pleasued - and quite proud - to introduce to you the first of a series of books (Yes, series. There are more being written/edited as we speak): The Case of the Deceased Daimyo. So please donate your Starbucks coffee today and help us help the children in natural disaster areas.

EDIT: I have been informed that there isn't really much of a blurb for the book so here's a better one:

When a diplomat from Japan is murdered by an apparently supernatural creature, Father Leia St. Croix of the Vatican is dispatched to investigate. Also investigating this strange murder are two shinigami, Death Gods, who take an interest in the 'Father' during the course of the investigation. With two very attractive spirits interested in her, how can a half vampire/half succubae concentrate on the murder?

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